The Two Most Important Professional Cleaning Equipments

Although you can take care of your daily cleaning routine with the help of the traditional cleaning equipments, such as dusters, brooms, sweepers and vacuum cleaners, you simply cannot take your broom out to clean fences, patios, and decks. You need powerful cleaning tools to get the job done fast and without putting a lot of effort.

Following are some of the commonly used professional cleaning equipments, you can use to professional clean your house, apartment, office, car, SUV, boat, lawn, equipments or just about anything you want cleaned.

Pressure Washers

When it comes to professional cleaning, the pressure washers hold no parallels. The tremendous pressure of water that these heavy duty machines can generate makes sure that no stubborn stains, mud, mildew, greasy films or dried grass clippings remain in or outside your territory. You can even take care of blistered or flaking paint from any surface you want.

The gas pressure washers derive their power from a gas engine, pump and a concentrating nozzle. These cleaning machines can supply 60X more water pressure than what you get from your garden hose, making sure all the deck mildew, driveway stains and other grunge is blasted away with this extreme pressure. While an electric washer is best for your car (as it doesn’t need gas amounts of power), a gas washer has the benefit that you can take it anywhere you go, and they’re particularly useful for cleaning lawns and other outside surfaces.

Vapor Steam Cleaner

Vapor steam cleaners combine the power of cleaning and sanitation by using high temperature steam for cleaning various surfaces inside or outside your home. You must have heard the name of steam mops, the vapor steam cleaners work on the same principal but come with much more power and cleanliness. These professional cleaning machines can easily tackle dirt, grease and grime providing you with a crystal clear surface without inflicting any damage. The good thing about vapor steam cleaners is that the surface gets not only cleaned but it gets sterilized.