In Honour of Girls Helping Girls

Girls Helping Girls no longer exists.
This is the last message we have seen from them:

Dear Friends,

After five years of shaping, and being shaped by, this organization, we have decided to part ways and entrust our vision to those who can commit the resources and the scale to fulfilling its potential. We are closing the entity Girls Helping Girls, but are thrilled to share that our work will live on in the organization and portfolio of Vital Voices Global Partnership, a dynamic NGO that has been changing the paradigm of women’s leadership for more than a decade. Through its Rising Voices initiative for young women, Vital Voices is committed to equipping thousands of more girls with the education, mentorship, and support network to assert their potential as agents of change. We are thus honored, and profoundly delighted, to join the Vital Voices family and merge our efforts into theirs toward this common aim.

Though Girls Helping Girls is closing as an organization, you can still help us advance these goals and contribute to our mission by getting involved with Vital Voices and volunteering, participating in, or donating to Vital Voices’ programs for women and girls. You can also stay involved by joining girltank, the startup our founder, Sejal Hathi, launched in 2011 to globally source and accelerate female social entrepreneurs. girltank currently represents 1,500 women and girls across 104 countries, and is searching for bold, creative, passionate do-ers to join its team to forge even stronger tools for female entrepreneurs.

So there are myriad ways you can get involved, substantive ways you can continue to support us. We really hope you do, and reach out to us about how you can engage. Because the world needs you. Women and girls need you, to keep moving humanity forward.

Thank you for all you do, and for all your support these past few years. It has been an honor.

With deepest appreciation,
Girls Helping Girls

–if you need to contact our founder, please email with a note and your request; thank you!

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